Solar tinker in Upper Bavaria and Salzburg

Playfull approach for kids to free-of-charge solar energy from the sun
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Solartinker: Entrance into Solartechnics
Solartinker: Entrance into Solartechnics

2 0 0 8 Solarbastelkurs Anger   Solarbastelkurs Laufen   Solarbastelkurs Surheim  
Stolz zeigt ein Kind sein erstes Solarboot



Ein erster Schwung und dann fährt das Boot alleine mit der Kraft der Sonne



Der grosse Tanker zieht seine Runden im Brunnen vor dem Ainringer Rathaus
A kid shows proudly hist fist selfmade  Solarboat



A fist kick and then drives the boat on ist own by force of sunpower



The big tanker drives around in fountain of Ainring city hall
  In love with his own work, a selfmade Ainring Solarboat



two Solarboats meet in water bassin in front of Freilassing city hall



Also in Laufen Solarboats will be contructed each year  
  Even in the rough water of Salzach near Laufen the Solarboats stand up



In newly cleaned fountain of Bad Reichenhall city hall Solarboats  are driving back and forth



Bad Reichenhall Kids contruct eagerly on their Solarbboats  
  The water bassin ist almost too small, to include all constructed solar Boats in Freilassing



Kids of Saaldorf-Surheim are creative and amend  their  solar boats with  useful accesoires like a sun roof



the Maria fountian of Laufen has never seen this in its hundred year history, Solarboats in the fountain of the town of the boatsmen  
  A boat of the solarboat fleet in Bad Reichenhall



A classic Solarboat made out of fish can cucumber carton Photovoltaic cell elektromotor straw and screw





Solar tinker courses in Upper Bavaria und Salzburg county, playfull approach for kids to free-of-charge solar energy
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